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Houston Reiki Circle

Come enjoy a relaxing Reiki session on the last Thursday of every month! Courtesy of Inner Glow and co-hosted by YaoCalli.

Circle of Sacred Songs - Houston

Join Inner Glow’s vision to learn, sing, and enjoy Sacred Medicine Songs on the first of every month!

YaoCalli Interviews

Young leaders and Native American Elders join us for conversation on a variety of life changing topics!

Assisting the Warriors of Light

The purpose of our energetic and spiritual work is to unravel the many limitations that we often place on ourselves.

We believe that healing begins in our own hearts, primarily through the act of self-forgiveness, self-understanding, and self-love. We recognize that healing is a lifelong process that carries us through a myriad of emotions: all of which are embraced.

An important part of our journey includes the sacred medicines of Indigenous peoples of both North and South America. YaoCalli firmly acknowledges that the Sacred Medicines of Peyote, Ayahuasca, Sweatlodges, Vision Quests, and Sundance are key in the journey of building and sustaining positive relations with everyone, including oneself.


Our mind can be used for our greatest benefit or our worst detriment. If we focus on negative thoughts and beliefs, guess what? Your life will be riddled with chaotic events and constant suffering. Focusing our attention and intention on positive things, such as unconditional love and inner peace, we can achieve a change in perception of our reality.


We’ve heard this concept before: “Your body is the temple of God,” yet a lot of us don’t take it to heart. The more aware we are about our perception of life, the more we begin to recognize the importance of taking care of our bodies. YaoCalli’s aim is to provide you, a warrior of light, with adequate information so that we may learn to love and accept our bodies for what they are: the vessel through which our soul comes to Earth with the purpose of learning.


Fostering a sense of community among people is always a satisfying aspect of life, however, the first and most important relation is with yourself. How do you feel about yourself? Do you love yourself? Recovering the forgotten self-love will allow you to have exquisite relationships because the external relationships you have are simply a mirror of the internal relationship you have with yourself.

Energetic Theraphys

YaoCalli’s holistic approach serves as a toolbox from which we can fortify and nurture our mind, body, and relations.



Reiki is an energetic technique that allows for the balancing of “energy points” in our body and aura. This method can bring about deep relaxation, energy balancing, and even emotional/traumatic breakthroughs. It’s been handed down from the original Reiki Master Mikao Usui to all other Reiki practitioners and facilitators, and as for me, I was handed down this beautiful gift by Inner Glow’s very own Cecy Rocha Martinez! If you wish to be certified in Reiki, contact her at innerglow

Access Bars


Access Bars is a holistic healing method by where the practitioner places his/her hands on 32 points of the patron’s head. Those 32 points, or “bars” are the energy zones where we store beliefs, thoughts, considerations, and emotions. When an Access Bars session is given, the practitioner uses these bars, accompanied by mantras, to release all beliefs, thoughts, considerations, and emotions that no longer serve the patron. Cecy of Inner Glow also certified me in Access Bars along with her daughter, causing good vibrations to flow through her relations.



Family Constellations is a therapy where we look at all the emotions and traumas from our childhood and trace them back to the family tree. Science has confirmed that trauma can be passed down hereditarily, just like hair and eye color. Once we identify the root of that trauma, we can begin to repair the dysfunctional aspects of our life that we cling to due to previous repetition or out of loyalty to the family system.

YaoCalli Interviews


The concept of YaoCalli Interviews is a vision in which Native American Elders share their thoughts on topics they deem relevant to our current state of being. This can range from political issues, environment solutions, spiritual ceremonies and knowledge, to nutrition and emotional wellbeing. As a way of merging these traditional teachings with the modern era, Young Leaders who are positively impacting our Mother Earth will also be interviewed. The dream is to create a fountain of knowledge from both traditional and contemporary viewpoints.AHO!